Miku’s V3 design and a demo for her V3 voicebanks have been released today, along with that her English design too! You can see both of them above and the demo is linked below!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWtHv3Lih_0 (V3 Miku Demo)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuUHksO-Qdw (English Miku Demo)

V3 Miku is illustrated by iXima, the same person who did the artwork for V3 KAITO and presumably the person who will do it for the rest of the V3 Crypton updates. English Miku is done by Japanese illustrator Zain, he previously worked with Toyota to do artwork for Miku. 

English Miku is going to be released August 31st (Miku’s original release date) & her Japanese V3 voicebanks are slated for a September 26th release. 

English Miku will cost 149 USD and it will be download only, a packaged version for international released was stated as to be announced. The range for English Miku is B2~B3 (which is really, really small, especially compared to her Japanese voicebanks) and the tempo is 100~130BPM, again, smaller than her Japanese voicebanks.

V3 Miku will come with an Original voicebank and with her Sweet, Solid, Dark, and Soft appends. Light & Vivid V3 will be available free of charge for registered users of Miku append V2. Miku V3 will cost around 170 and the bundle will be around 220, note that these are just the Yen converted to USD so prices may vary. Original voicebank will have a range of A2~E4 with a tempo of 70~150BPM, Sweet is F2-D4 with a tempo of 55~155BPM, Dark is D2~B3 with a tempo of 60~145BPM, Soft is A2~E4 with a tempo of 70~150BMP, and Solid is D2~C4 witha a tempo of 65~160BPM.

All products will come with Piapro Studio which will save you the cost of buying the VOCALOID3 editor & DAW “Studio One Artist” & “PreSonus” which are many digital instruments all free of charge.

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