Meet the newest Crvypton VOCALOID, Kotone Tsuru, she’s 64 years old and ready to sing for you! 

This is all in jest, she’s not a VOCALOID (I told you guys some UTAUs would sneak in), but a new VIPPERloid, in case you are wondering VIPPERloids are, they are UTAUs made by people at vip@2ch that are usually made to trick people into thinking they’re VOCALOIDs; they usually have really “weird” profiles (for example, Teto is 31 and a chimera). Teto and Ritsu are two notable examples of their works! Anyhow here is her demo! 

YouTube // Nico Nico Douga

Official Website

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    I thought she was a vocaloid till I fully read the description;;; And the whole 64 age thing naturally fits because...
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